Papanikolaou 21 St., 85100,
Rhodes Town, Greece
Memphis BBQ Grill Restaurant

About Us

Memphis Restaurant in Rhodes, Greece, opened its doors in May 2016. The restaurant is a modern version of BBQ Grill Steakhouse with American, Mediterranean and Mexican cuisine in Rhodes Town and it is a unique and famous destination on Rhodes island for demanding meat lovers. Memphis Restaurant is located directly across the casino, in Rhodes town.

Memphis Restaurant is proud for its quality meat. We believe in quality and pure products, that's why our reputation rises year by year. Today, Memphis Restaurant is considered to be the number one restaurant in Rhodes island, and has become a a culinary landmark in Rhodes island.

Memphis Restaurant is a part of the authentic American food, unique on the island of Rhodes. We have brought the authentic American cuisine in Rhodes, Greece for all demanding meat lovers!

The menu includes unique, authentic homemade burger dishes, space ribs plucked with authentic American recipes served with genuine Jack Daniels or BBQ sauce. All meats and vegetables are fresh from the local market. Fresh locally produced meats roasted and marinated according to your preference.
Enjoy cool, fresh salads, appetizers and original recipes, influenced by the Mediterranean & American cuisine. Moreover, taste our authentic Mexican salad, fajitas, chili con carne. Feel a culinary magic in the most unique, modern venues on Rhodes island, and let our well-trained staff serve you with passion and a smile.

Mr. Louis,( the Manager) and the Staff, welcome you to Memphis Restaurant and would like to thank you for making us the most famous, distinguished restaurant on Rhodes island and nationwide, in such a short period of time! Find us across the Casino in Rhodes Town.

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Memphis Team